Portable Countertop Water Filter Installation Instructions

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Portable Filter Instructions

Model CT-P Installation


Insert the spout carefully into the spout elbow fitting - both o-rings should seat down into the fitting. Remove the bubbler screen (aerator) from the end of you faucet and replace it with the diverter valve. The diverter valve has a rotating collar for ease of installation. Note the type of threads your faucet has - if it has threads on the OUTSIDE, the diverter should screw right on; if it has threads on the INSIDE, you must use the enclosed adapter ring and gasket. If your faucet has non-standard threads, you may need to purchase a special adapter from your local hardware store (or call us).

Place the filter unit in a convenient location with the spout positioned over your sink. The spout is designed to swivel. Turn on your cold water and pull out on the diverter valve knob - water is routed through the filter and out its own spout. Allow it to run for several minutes to flush out the normal carbon fines (blackish specs). Initially, the water may contain tiny air bubbles and taste slightly sweet - this is normal and harmless, and will clear up after flushing. Turn off the water and the diverter will return to its normal position allowing the water to flow straight through the valve.


  1. After an extended period of inactivity, allow water to run through the filter for several minutes before drinking. Otherwise, the. taste may be bitter due to excess zinc oxide (which prevents bacterial growth and is harmless to drink).

  2. It is important to maintain water in the filter at all times - the KDF media may solidify if the water is drained from the unit. To prevent water from escaping when you disconnect the filter for travel, cover the end of the spout with plastic wrap and secure with a rubber band.

  3. Recommended flow rate is one gallon per minute or less. Operating at higher flow rates will not necessarily damage the unit, but will reduce the contaminant removal efficiency.

  4. Maximum water pressure is 100 PSI. Maximum operating temperature is 110 F. Protect from freezing.

  5. Your countertop water filter can be later converted for under counter use by purchasing our faucet conversion kit, part number "FK"

  6. Certain water conditions (high chlorine, hard water) may cause the o-rings and return spring in the diverter valve to deteriorate.  Lubricating the diverter using a few drops of mineral oil in the top port and working the plunger in and out (to coat) can fix the problem.


In virtually all cases, the taste and odor of chlorine will return to municipal water when the cartridge has lost its effectiveness. The enclosed chlorine test strips can be used to confirm the presence of chlorine. Collect some filtered water into a cup.  Dip the test strip into the water sample with a constant gentle back and forth motion for 10 seconds.  Immediately note the color change: the pad on the end will turn blue with the presence of free chlorine, the pad nearest the handle will turn green with the presence of total chlorine (chloramines).  IMPORTANT: Assess the color within 10 seconds after dipping the strip - the pads become unstable after that, and will give a false reading. Additional test strips are available The Water Exchange. While our cartridge has been tested to effectively remove chlorine from over 8,000 gallon of water, the type and concentration of other contaminants varies widely throughout the country. Therefore, to assure maximum effectiveness and the best possible water quality, it is suggested that the cartridge be replaced at least every two years.  The replacement cylinder is part number IL-E.

Operating Specifications and Warranty Information

Maximum water pressure is 100 PSI and maximum operating temperature is 100 F.

The KDF/GAC cartridge has a 2-year warranty, prorated at $1.65 per month of usage.

This warranty does not cover damage due to abuse, neglect, freezing, fire or other fortuitous event. No allowances made for any consequential damages, labor or expense incurred as a result of a proven defect. NO WARRANTY FOR MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Our filters are not warranted against sediment clogging. If the flow rate is significantly reduced, clogging is most likely. You can try to back-flush the filters by reversing the fittings on the housing to temporarily reverse the water flow.

If you have a problem with your filter, call 1-248-788-3342 or e-mail for technical support.


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